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Permafuse Custom Terminations

Permafuse is Tornik's solution for your custom designed wire termination applications where permanence and durability are a must. Permafuse replaces standard crimp-on terminations by fusing lead wires through a carefully controlled process, resulting in a failure-resistant solution for high shock, vibration and motion applications.

Permafuse Terminations

Permafuse Terminations of solder dipped and fused, high flex-wire easily conform to your most extreme space constraints and environments. Each termination results in minimized contact resistance and achieves a pull force equal to its wire.

Permafuse Terminations are completely customizable and configurable for different flexible wire styles, ranging from 10 AWG through 4/0, terminal hole counts, sizes and shapes.

Permafuse UL/CSA approved, solder dipped solutions include:

  • Single or multi-lead terminations
  • Daisy chain constructions
  • Customizable terminal sizes and shapes
  • Customizable terminal hole counts sizes and shapes
  • Flat or 15 to 90 degree terminal bends.