Top 10 EMS Suppliers


Oct 23 2013

Top 10 EMS Suppliers

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What are you looking for in an EMS supplier?

  • Certified Quality Assurance?
  • Personal Customer Service?
  • A Socially Responsible Company?
  • A Company that can provide you with low cost manufacturing without risking the quality of your design?
  • An EMS supplier with degreed engineers available to talk to?

Electronic Manufacturing Services is one of the most competitive fields in the United States. With over 2,000 companies listed in the industry, company revenues vary from one million to tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue. Combined with emerging markets, such as, green energy, and the continual growth of electronic manufacturing services, the electronic manufacturing industry continues to prosper.

With such a competitive market, it can be difficult for purchasing managers to narrow down which supplier to use. And, with the increase of start-ups in industries, such as robotics, it is more important than ever to find the right electronic manufacturing supplier at the best possible cost.

Each year, Manufacturing Marker Insider ( compiles a list of the “Top 50 EMS” companies of that year.   These large companies are known for handling high profile customers such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and other big names. As a purchasing manager, you might gravitate to the large corporations, but the size of your requirement may not attract their attention.

Here at Tornik LLC, your manufacturing requirements attract our attention. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide ISO- 9001 certified quality products, with the customer service you need.

As a custom manufacturer, Tornik LLC has been a supplier of cable and harness assemblies, turnkey box builds, and electromechanical assemblies to leading manufacturers in the medical device, aerospace, industrial, OEM, consumer electronics, and green technology industries. Our customers range from high-growth start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

What makes Tornik LLC a stand out choice among mid-size contract manufacturers?

  • A strong, in-depth management team capable of responding to the rapidly evolving needs of the marketplace.
  • An ISO-9001 Certified Company
  • A degreed engineering staff that is unequaled among mid-size contract manufacturers and that can support every phase of the product development life cycle.

Multiple locations including a Mexico production facility, just minutes from the U.S. border, which serves as a seamless extension of its U.S. operations, capable of efficient, low cost, high volume, medium volume and medium mix product output

But, to make your search for the right supplier easier, we have broken down the list to the “Top 10 EMS” Suppliers from 2012 based on their annual revenue.



1. Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) [1]

With record shattering annual revenue of $110 billion USD in 2012, publicly traded Foxconn is the world’s leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider. With locations across the globe, Foxconn has many high profile customers, including Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Google and Microsoft. Additionally, Foxconn developed a lucrative partnership with Apple Inc. developing the iPhone and iPad motherboards.

2. Flextronics [2]

Coming in second, with annual revenue of $29,470.3 USD is Singapore’s Flextronics. With high profile customers, such as, Ford Motor Company, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Apple and Microsoft, Flextronics has a large span in the automotive, electronics, computing, , medical, mobile and consumer electronics industry. Flextronics uses its global presence to leverage the quickest, most cost effective materials procurement possible.

3. Jabil [3]

In 2012, Jabil had annual revenue of $16,518.8  USD.  Jabil focuses on their “Guiding Principles” to build a strong culture and foundation in the EMS industry. With success in the medical manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and industrial manufacturing industries, Jabil continues to be a top tiered company with strong focus on global responsibility. In fact, Jabil has a strong focus on sustainability; not only do they help customers develop green energy solutions, Jabil also have a strong focus on helping their local communities.

4. New Kinpo Group [4]

The New Kinpo Group is a large conglomerate located in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2012, The New Kinpo Group had annual revenue of $6.62 billion USD. Kinpo Electronics, a sector of the New Kinpo Group, focuses on a large array of products. Ranging from electronic storage devices, to ATM production, this company has a strong hold in the electronic manufacturing service industry.

5. Celestica [5]

With a strong presence in the enterprise computing, communications, consumer, industrial, healthcare, alternative energy, and aerospace and defense sectors, Celestica prides themselves on their ability to provide end-to-end product lifecycle solutions for their customers.  In 2012, Celestica went through major internal restructuring in order to increase their margin, after losing their biggest client: RIM (blackberry) Additionally, Celestica purchased D& H Manufacturing Company in California for $70 million. Celestica had annual revenue of $6.51 billion USD in 2012.

 6. Sanmina [6]

Sanmina annual revenue in 2012 was $6.1 billion USD. With headquarters in San Diego, California, Sanmina has electronic manufacturing warehouses located across the globe. With an emphasis in quality and IT, each of Sanmina’s eleven locations is ISO registered and held to a six sigma standard. Additionally, Sanmina has over 800 IT specialists across the globe, readily available to assist customers with any electronic manufacturing questions.

7. Shenzhen Kaifa Technology (Kaifa) [7]

Shenzhen Kaifa Technology has locations across Asia and in California. With over 25 years in the electronic manufacturing services industry, Kaifa provides clients with ISO 9000 quality service. A full turnkey manufacturing company, Kaifa works not only in the medical industry, but also in the communications and new energy field. In 2012, Shenzhen Kaifa Technology had annual revenue of $2,679,170,000 US Dollar

8. Benchmark Electronics

As an Electronic Manufacturing Service company, Benchmark Electronics has been providing ISO-9000 quality products for Original Electronic Manufacturers since 1986. With locations in Asia, Mexico and Texas, Benchmark Electronics uses its’ presence in low cost manufacturing countries to provide customers with the best possible price. Each of Benchmarks locations are ISO certified. Benchmark has identified full service design, streamlined phased development process and full integration of services as a few of their key differentiators. In 2012, Benchmark Electronics annual revenue was of $2.5 billion USD

9. Plexus [8]

With Global Headquarters located in Neenah, Wisconsin, Plexus had annual revenue of $2.31 billion USD in 2012.  With locations tailored to either Engineering or Manufacturing Services across the United States Europe and Asia, Plexus prides themselves on the ability to lower costs by maintaining proximity to customers. In August of 2013, Plexus expanded their global reach even further by expanding into Guadalajara, Mexico.

10.  Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI [9]

Located in Shanghai, China, U.S.I. had annual revenue of 1465.90 US Dollar in 2012.  Like other companies on this list, U.S.I has locations in The United States, Europe and Asia. With a strong hold in the computer & peripherals, electronic manufacturing services, and automotive industries, USI is able to produce design and manufacturing needs for medium to high volume mix businesses.

With gross revenues exceeding a billion dollars a year, these “Top 10 EMS” companies have become global enterprises in their own respects. As a mid- size EMS supplier, we salute those companies, but, urge you the buyer, to consider another option; Us.

Tornik’s outstanding professional staff and manufacturing personnel assure that quality is built into every manufacturing step; our team’s broad range of industry experience enables them to quickly grasp and provide proven solutions to our customers’ most complex needs.

Whatever you are looking for in a supplier, Tornik LLC can fit your needs.

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