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Tornik Launches Updated Website

Tornik has always had two websites, one for its East Hartford, Connecticut operation and one for its Tijuana, Mexico operation. It became apparent to us that the time had come to create a website that reflects the true nature of Tornik and EMS/Mexico as one, integrated, state-of-the-art contract manufacturer. Our new website has two simple themes. The first is to allow prospects searching for a solid electronics contract manufacturer with an international footprint to find all the information they will need to make an initial decision to contact us. The second is to show customers and prospects alike, in simple, visual terms what products Tornik/EMS Mexico produces and how the company brings the skill of their people to making it a world class provider of contract electronic services.

Prospect or customer, please take a few moments to explore our website and determine how Tornik/EMS Mexico can solve your latest contact manufacturing requirement.

You can reach our website by using any of three different URL's: www.tornik.com, www.emsmexico.com and www.tornik-emsmexico.com.