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Tornik/EMS Mexico Named Outstanding PKI Supplier

Tornik/EMSMexico is proud to announce that it has been awarded the first ever “Outstanding Supplier of the Year Award” from PerkinElmer Life Sciences, a global technology leader in the field of Health Sciences and Photonics. Tornik/EMSMexico was selected fromall of the suppliersin PerkinElmer’s global supply chain network. Tornik/EMS Mexico is one of six supplier-partners to receive this prestigious award.

In a recent ceremony in Shelton, Connecticut, PerkinElmer purchasing executives Rich Jorge and John Marciniak presented the award to Tornik senior management. John Marciniak stated that the award was being given to those supplier-partners with a demonstrated record of the highest quality, exceptional on-time delivery, and superior customer service over an extended period, including 2007. Rich Jorge added that it is extremely important to have long-term suppliers such as Tornik/EMSMexico, who are dedicated to PerkinElmer’s success, and are committed to and capable of providing product across an international footprint.
We at Tornik/EMSMexico wanted to share our good news with each of you, and to reaffirm the importance we place on providing the highest level of service to each and every one of our customers.