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May 02 2016

Tornik To Celebrate Manufacturing Success In Honor Of National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo

By: Tornik, LLC

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(Image Source) The National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) has grown over the past 15 years, becoming a comprehensive industry resource. The Expo is designed to connect buyers with manufacturers and distribut... Read Article

Mar 10 2016

2016 Commodity Prices Forecast: Prices To Slightly Increase

By: CMS Admin

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Commodity prices have fluctuated for the past four years because of economic ambiguity. The 2016 commodity prices forecasts slight increases in the prices of several commodities. The Economist Intelligence Unit report forecasts an increase of 4.2%... Read Article

Apr 15 2014

Recent Survey Results Indicate Concerns in the Global Electronics Supply Chain

By: Leanne Gelish

Posted in: General, Contract Manufacturing

A recent survey conducted by Smith & Associates, the largest independent distributor of electronic components, indicates concerns in the Global Electronics Supply Chain. The survey, which canvassed respondents from across all major sectors of... Read Article

Mar 11 2014

Mexico's Economic Forecast for 2014

By: Leanne Gelish

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According to the Mexico Regional Sectorial Outlook economic analysis written by the Spanish bank BBVA, the manufacturing market in Mexico will be steady during the first quarter of 2014 and is predicted to sustain growth throughout the first half of ... Read Article

Feb 18 2014

2014 Commodity Prices Forecast: Steady Prices on the Horizon

By: Leanne Gelish

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The price of commodities, such as, crude oil and copper, are an integral aspect of the way electronic manufacturing suppliers conduct business daily.  Since 2003, highly volatile commodity prices have dictated a steep change in prices issued to ... Read Article

Nov 13 2013

Skilled Workers: The Future of Continuing the Manufacturing Momentum

By: Staff

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The global manufacturing market has seen a drastic transformation over the last year, and North America has become the epicenter of that change. Manufacturers in the United States and Canada have been hit with increasing labor and operational costs i... Read Article

Oct 23 2013

Top 10 EMS Suppliers

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What are you looking for in an EMS supplier? Certified Quality Assurance? Personal Customer Service? A Socially Responsible Company? A Company that can provide you with low cost manufacturing without risking the quality of your design? ... Read Article

Aug 27 2013

What Your Company Needs to Know About Conflict Minerals

By: CMS Admin

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Conflict minerals are necessary elements for many manufactured goods. That’s why while working within the cable manufacturing and assembly industry, it is important for companies like Atronix, MRG, and ourselves to know how and where we get our... Read Article