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RoHS Policy



Tornik LLC and their respective global customers require assurance that products are assembled and delivered in compliance with the requirements defined within RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC. 

Operating as Electronic Contract Manufacturers, Tornik LLC and EMS Mexico, by nature of our business, are required to assemble products derived directly from our customer’s bills of material, detail drawings and specifications.  We assume that the customer has considered all issues concerning regulatory compliance when formulating specifications and entering into a supplier relationship with Tornik Inc. or EMS Mexico.  Therefore, we cannot accept any liability for RoHS or WEEE compliance. 

If our customers do not specify materials, Tornik LLC and EMS Mexico will make RoHS or WEEE materials available to our customers for consideration as part of the quotation activity. If a customer is unsure of the compliance of the materials they currently specify, Tornik Inc. or EMS Mexico can review the bills of material and recommend alternatives where applicable as a billable service to our customers. 
RoHS compliant “generic” materials such as UL wire and tubing can be utilized upon customer request, and lead-free soldering processes can be incorporated in a mutually-agreeable timeframe. 

It is our collective intent to work and provide assemblies to our customers that meet ALL of their standards and requirements. 

Edition – October 13, 2017