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Program Support Services

Electromechanical Assembly Mexico

To be a dependable, high quality contract electro-mechanical assembly manufacturer takes much more than simply producing a set of products from customer drawings. A successful contract manufacturer must act as an extension of its customers' manufacturing operations. Tornik prides itself on the long term supplier partnerships it has established with so many of its customers.

Tornik's support system takes charge from the very outset of its customer relationship with:

  • A program management approach that utilizes the entire Tornik team to guarantee a smooth start-up, with clear accurate reporting, on even the most intricate projects.
  • A customer service organization that responds quickly to your requests and understands the unique needs of each of its customers -- large or small.
  • A set of logistics capabilities and supply chain tools to support a wide range of inventory programs including kanban, JIT, MRP sharing, automatic replenishment and more.
  • Strategic supplier relationships for optimum sourcing of critical components including PC Boards, sheet metal, machined parts and other fabricated components - both domestically and offshore.

The ability to develop specialized, system level test plans, in conjunction with your engineering team, to enable your products to move directly from Tornik to your finished goods stock.


As our customers outsource an increasing portion of their non-core functions, Tornik becomes a partner in and a working extension of their manufacturing operations. Outsourcing enables our customers to leverage Tornik's investment in technology, production methodologies, and its specialized, trained workforce. They can also benefit from Tornik's expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar requirements.
By outsourcing to Tornik, our customers achieve both short-and long-term benefits by:

  • Freeing up resources to perform core functions
  • Achieving faster development, start-up and time to market
  • Reducing overheads and the risks of technology obsolescence
  • Operating in a low cost country such as Mexico

If you want to reduce and control operating costs, free up investment dollars, improve business focus and maintain an edge on your competition, Tornik is your ideal outsourcing partner.