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Harness Assemblies

Producing a quality harness efficiently is seventy-five percent science and twenty-five percent art, which is based on the expertise that creates a strong process engineering harness design. Tornik specializes in the production of complex wire harness assemblies that meet its clients most demanding and sophisticated requirements.

Tornik's wire harness manufacturing capabilities include:

  • High speed, automated wire processing
  • In-line wire & cable marking
  • Harness sub-assembly prefabrication
  • Ultra-sonic welding for in line wire splicing
  • Cable Braiding for harsh environments, and
  • Potting for all telecommunications and other specialty applications...

All add up to the ability to produce a wide range of harnesses across diverse industries.
All harness assemblies that Tornik/EMS Mexico produces is in-line checked with computerized test equipment to guarantee a quality product every time.