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Electromechanical Assemblies & Turnkey Box Builds

Tornik has perfected the complex process of building turnkey box builds and electromechanical assemblies with the resources and skills needed to design, build and support a wide range of assembly programs.

Tornik's expert Engineering Design and Manufacturing Team can support your program from the earliest stages of design conception. Their years of experience in design for manufacturing principles will add value during your early stage design process, help you get projects off the ground quickly, and enable you to validate your design in Tornik's prototype production cell.

Strategic Supplier Relationships

Our support team has expertise in vendor and subcontractor selection achieving optimum sourcing of critical components, with a base of respected domestic and offshore PCB manufacturers, sheet metal fabricators, machine shops and other specialty manufacturers to fit the needs of any program.

Tornik's skilled assembly team creates the right manufacturing cell to ensure an efficient, reliable, repeatable, quality result -- every time.

Tornik's quality team develops functional test plans for your product. We implement your specialized system level test plan, allowing your product to go directly from dock to finished goods stock.