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With two manufacturing facilities and a distribution center that all have integrated, common systems, Tornik can recommend and provide the right location for each client job based on product mix and complexity, as well as supply chain requirements.

East Hartford Facility

Rocky Hill, Connecticut


All Engineering Services and Program Support Services take place at Tornik's new headquarters and Northeast New England production facility in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Whether your product is made in the U.S. or Mexico, all customer interactions are seamlessly handled at our headquarters facility. There, Tornik provides:

  • Engineering quotations, design, and manufacturing support services.
  • Rapid response and prototyping services.
  • Low- to high-mix and low- to medium-volume cable and harness production.
  • Turnkey production ranging from electro-mechanical assemblies to complete box builds.
Tijuana Mexico Facility

Tijuana, Mexico

EMS/Mexico provides a low-cost country solution with good transportation access. The 25,000 square foot pure production facility in Tijuana, Mexico was created to support a cost-effective approach to:

  • Medium-mix and medium- to high-volume cable and harness production.
  • Turnkey production ranging from electro-mechanical assemblies to complete box builds.

Production Facility 2016 Upgrades:

  • Additional 9,000 sq. ft. of Manufacturing Space
  • 3000 sq. ft. ISO14644 Clean Room
  • 3000 sq. ft. Inventory Control Warehouse
  • Additional Office Area
  • Expanded Box Build Manufacturing and Testing
  • Paperless Manufacturing Execution System
  • Extend ISO 13485 Certification into new facility
San Diego California Facility

San Diego, California

All EMS/Mexico product is received and shipped from Tornik's Southern California distribution center in San Diego.

Modern Facility Design

Modern Facilities Design

Tornik's manufacturing facilities:

  • Utilize open space designs, which allows for easy reconfiguration of production cells and production lines.
  • Employ modularized work space to support the unique processes of cable and harness production.
  • Emphasize visual methods of manufacturing with colors and pictures that allow for quick and efficient assemblies and avoid potential errors.
  • Pay particular attention to finished goods storage and product packaging to support the kanban, breadman, JIT and other inventory programs that dovetail with your production environment.

These facilities, along with our services, are integral to the quality of products we provide to our customers.