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Tornik, LLC is Proud to Announce New Company Headquarters in Rocky Hill, CT

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

To Our Valued Business Partners:

We are committed to investing in process improvements that benefit and support our valued partners and customers. Tornik LLC is pleased to announce our recent move to a new company headquarters.

On February 1st, 2018 Tornik LLC moved its headquarters to Rocky Hill, CT.  We will celebrate the official opening of the brand new company headquarters in Rocky Hill, Connecticut sometime in May or June. The new company building is situated in a beautiful area of Rocky Hill that abuts the Dividend Park, a 68-acre park with hiking trails and ten archaeological sites.

Over the past few years, we had gradually pushed more production to our Mexico facility, which left a lot of wasted space in our old location. This introduced the need to streamline our operations, and the new facility is a representation of that. The offices and production areas are completely updated to reflect a more modern design.  Our modern manufacturing facility emphasizes visual methods of manufacturing with the implementation of our new electronic production control system, which is paperless and works in real time, with full color visuals that allow for efficient assembly, and helps to avoid potential errors.

Tornik LLC is committed to maintaining the same high quality cable and harness assemblies for which we are known, while maintaining regulatory and quality control procedures to ensure our product is identical regardless of the facility from which it is distributed.     

Through our re-alignment efforts, we are constantly striving for more efficient methods to better be able to provide uninterrupted deliveries and faster service that will, in turn, keep your operations running smoothly.

Our new Rocky Hill, CT headquarters facility will focus on providing our customers with:

  • Engineering quotations, design, and manufacturing support services.
  • Rapid response and prototyping services.
  • Low- to high-mix and low- volume cable and harness production.
  • Turnkey production ranging from electro-mechanical assemblies to complete box builds.
  • All customer service, purchasing and accounting services

We will be posting pictures of our new facility soon.  If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this further. Visit our contact us page or reach out to your local representative.

We believe our new facility, along with our services, and the complete staff who provide them, to be integral to the quality of products we provide to our valued customers.

Tornik LLC

We at Tornik LLC are proud of our company and our industry as a whole- its people, its manufacturing processes and its products. Our team strives to build quality into the manufacturing and business processes with the goal of achieving Six Sigma quality performance. Every product goes through 100% computerized testing and a complete inspections process. Through this emphasis on quality, Tornik LLC develops and maintains long-standing relationships with its customers, helping them to succeed and achieve their objectives.

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